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Really hard problems consulting

Combining our proprietary methodology with our world-class talent, we help you solve your most challenging and mission-critical challenges - whether mission-critical problems or difficult-to-exploit or covert opportunities. From concept, strategy, implementation, and beyond, we have you covered.

think tank

Need specialized assistance to research a technical area, explore potential new revenue sources, identify potential obstacles or even implement a skunk works idea.  We can help.

really hard problems evaluation

Quickly and effectively determine your enterprise's need for - and capacity to solve - Really Hard Problems, and simultaneously evaluate your own staff for key skills and aptitudes critical to sustainable problem-solving capacity.


project alternatives

We help you strategize and plan how to recover from severe project-execution challenges.

Designed for the executive who needs an intelligent, independent view of a mission-critical project and desires workable options that allow you to determine cost of ownership, speed to market, risk tolerance, and profitability

really hard problems training

Training developed for and to your unique requirements, to help you build a sustainable ability to solve your own future Really Hard Problems.



sales roi enhancer

Overcome sales objections by permitting your prospects to provide key input into your quote.  Your prospects provide their own best case for using you as their primary supplier.

Designed for sales and product-management executives who find it difficult to answer ROI questions for products with unusual or intangible benefits.